Recipe: Wasalicious

wasa-crisp-lightHere’s a real simple recipe that I sometimes make for Simone.  She absolutely loves to eat the Wasa Crisp and Light 7 grain crackers. They are thin and wafer like and taste yummy with anything on the top. They are very healthy also as they are made of 7 different flours and are a family favorite in our home.

wasa calories
I put a spread of avocado, an excellent source of Omega 3, which is an essential ingredient for brain development.  Then I add 3 little drops of Nutella on it since Avocado by itself can be pretty bland.  Instead of Nutella you can add anything else in addition to the avocado that your child likes on it. You could use Chocolate Syrup.  I use this treat as a reward with Simone….

Voila! So yummy….


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