Red Apple Smiles Recipe made by a preschooler

As the saying goes – “sow and you shall reap”. I like how my 3.5 year old is so interested in learning how to cook and try things out in the kitchen. Yesterday she came back from preschool saying I want to make “red apple smiles”.

Here’s how this recipe played out in our home:

Me: Okay. How do you make it?

Simone: I’ll show you mummy, it is simple, all you need is apples, cream cheese and marshmallows.

Me: We don’t have any marshmallows at home.

Simone: Let’s go to the grocery store and get it.

So we both went to the wonderful grocery store and came back with a packet of Marshmallow.

Simone: Watch me do this. Give me the knife.

Me: No, you are too little to use a knife. Let me cut it for you

Simone: Ok mom, cut them in thin slices but give me my baby knife {blunt knife that she plays with} also
The apples are cut.

Simone: Thank you mummy! Here’s how you make it. Take some cream cheese and spread it on the apple slices and put marshmallows on it and close it with another apple slice. Now you take a bite and it is soooo yummy and this is called Red Apple Smiles!

Me: {Reaction after eating 3 such red apple smiles} – Wow.. this is quite delicious and I like it. I am proud of you my little sous chef.

Simone: Thank you but now I am the chef and you are my sous chef now.

Me: if I am your sous chef, then what’s daddy and baby brother?

Simone: Daddy’s a sous sous chef and baby brother is a little boy who eats 

Enjoy. There are no specific instructions but in order to make this recipe just use some red apples, cream cheese and marshmallows. This is a yummy treat for playdates, afternoon snacks, or quick desserts. Will be posting the video soon.


  1. amee says:

    i loved the ending! We used to eat these growing up! we had a kids cookbook (you can see my post on “Cinnamon Snails” for kids) and apple smiles were on there. but actually we had peanut butter instead of cream cheese…more similar to gums, i suppose!

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