Ricotta Corn Spinach Pasta and a lesson learnt

Lessons you can learn from your little ones if you pay attention. Simone, my 4 year old, said in the morning, “Mummy why isn’t Ava* here today?” referring to a friend who has been coming over daily to play with her over the summer break. Me – “your other friend Ariel* is coming over so I figured you would want to play with her alone”. Her response – “Mummy I like my friends to know each other so they can be friends”.  My first reaction was like – wow here’s a child who gets how to build social relationships. I liked how she thought, without any prompting, Simone wanted to build a circle of friends.

While I do take pride in learning from her, I am very happy that I get to teach her. Lately, I have been teaching her how to add using her fingers. She’s been learning the basics of money (posts to come on that soon) and she’s been learning to have fun in the kitchen. She’s learning that to make delicious food, one doesn’t need to follow a complex fancy recipe. Sometimes it just putting the freshest ingredients together in whatever proportions you want and out comes a delicious meal.

Today’s Ricotta–Corn–Spinach Pasta lunch was just that – no recipe but a lovely combination of ingredients that made for an awesome lunch.

Really simple

1)      Cook the short pasta of your choice, such as penne, rigatoni, etc. I used bowtie (Farfalle) pasta.

2)      Add Ricotta cheese into cooked pasta and mix the two together. Add 1 tbsp of Ricotta per 1 cup of cooked pasta.

3)      In a separate pan sauté equal portions of corn kernels and cut spinach leaves in 1 tbsp ofolive oil.

4)      Serve pasta in a bowl, toss some of the corn and spinach veggies on top. Sprinkle some salt.

5)      Serve your Ricotta-Corn-Spinach pasta!

Verdict – Simple, Quick easy meal that works great as a snack too!

*- Names changed to protect privacy of children


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