Roasted Broccoli

Have I mentioned that we have all become broccoli fans in our home?  Maybe it’s because I have making one of these recipes (Broccoli Chicken Udon Soup, Broccoli Peanut Butter Soba Noodles, and Sweet Potato Broccoli Vegetarian Balls) on a weekly basis and now my kids think it is just normal to eat broccoli. I am really proud of that, because broccoli is one of most nutrient dense vegetables out there according to the ANDI score. Since kids eat so little and are sometimes so picky  that I try as much as possible to give them food that has the impact on their healthy.

The bigger surprise has been yours truly. I used to hate broccoli and never ate it (see #4 and #5 here on what my parents would make me do…) Now I have also learnt to love to eat it.

Here’s another real simple recipe using Broccoli for the kids (servings: feeds 1 adult and 1 child).

2 cups cut Broccoli florets

1 tbsp Sea salt or to taste

2 tbsp Olive oil

3 sprigs Rosemary sprigs – separate the rosemary leaves.

Combine all the ingredients in an oven safe bowl/container and bake @ 350F for about 15 minutes. The smell of rosemary will overtake your home and this combination is divine. It is the magic of simple ingredients. I love herbs – a sprig here and there and all of a sudden a simple dish becomes so gourmet.

Try it and let me know what you think. Do you have any Broccoli recipes that are your family favorites?

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