Roasted Red Potatoes

I love potatoes. I especially loved baked and roasted potatoes.  One of the easiest and hassle free ways to make potatoes is to roast them. Tossing in potatoes with a few seasonings in the oven gives me free time in the evening to work with the kids on their homework or on their piano  practice etc. Most working parents generally have an hour to two hours in the evening once they come back from work before the kids need to go to bed, so every minute is valuable.


There’s plenty of things to be done in the house, so why not toss some potatoes in the oven, along with some meat and use the time on the important things in life?

You can use frozen potato wedges or cut your own potato wedges. Add any seasoning to the potatoes.  I used the Roasted Red Potatoes recipe from CookingLight with a few minor tweaks and I had a delicious side dish. I used freshly ground black paper and 1 tbsp of chopped rosemary in the roasted potatoes.

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