Roasted Seaweed Snack

We have a new favorite snack at home. Everyone including our 10 month old loves it! They are so crunchy, so delicious and so affordable.  It a great snack from an unlikely source.  Are you ready for the big surprise? It’s “Roasted Seaweed”! I know, it sounds weird. But it really does taste great. It comes in the form of small flat sheets the size of a cracker.

When I say seaweed, you probably think about slimy yucky stuff that makes rocks slippery. But this seaweed snack does not grow on rocks! It is grown on a farm, and is harvested like any other farmed food. Seaweed is huge in Japan, where it is used to wrap sushi rolls and as a garnish. Seaweed is a very healthy snack. It is low sodium, has zero sugar, zero fat, zero cholesterol. And it is 20% protein by weight!

You can do so much with these little sheets. You can eat them as is, just popping them into your mouth. Or, you can crinkle them up and spread them as garnish on food. Or you can use them as a tortilla, to roll up little pieces of food. Your kids are sure to have a great time trying it out.

Best of all, this roasted seaweed snack makes an awesomely healthy alternative to Goldfish crackers! You can buy them for $0.99 a packet at Trader Joe’s or your local asian store or online.

Your kids will love them!

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