Avoid giving your children tap water

tap_waterThe NY Times recently had a very long but an interesting article,  That Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy on how dirty our tap water is.  Even though the contaminants found in the water maybe below Federal Guidelines, they can create havoc to our bodies with extended consumption. There are several chemicals our tap water contains – lead, arsenic, pharmaceutical products, perchlorate, bromates and plus thousands of unregulated chemicals.  The US used to have some of the best drinking water in the world, but that was about 20-25 years ago.  With the increased pollution more and more chemicals are making it into our water supply, we need to pay more attention to our tap water.  Want to know how safe your tap water is?  Click here to see how clean your water supply is.

Unfortunately the alternative to tap water is to buy bottled water which depending on the brand is often filtered water being sold at a premium. Plus not to mention you are adding to the problem of pollution by disposing water bottles in the landfills. I am always torn between buying bottled water from Fiji and Smart Water and my carbon footprint.  As a rule, I don’t buy bottled water as that only aggravates the pollution problem but I don’t want my children to have chemicals in their water.

What can you do in the meantime till the government reviews the Safe Drinking Water Act and makes modifications?

For starters for children you should definitely buy the nursery water that is so widely available in Target, Babies R Us and local supermarkets. Given how small the children are, as a proportion to their size, the chemicals in the water might be too much for them.  Probably buy some sort of a water filtration system such as PUR or Brita that you use to filter your water before drinking. Because even if the water is “good” when it leaves the treatment plants it can collect lead through the pipes and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has estimated that 10-20% of the Lead consumed by children comes from the drinking water. Children with excessive lead have been known to have physical and mental development issues and minor ADD.

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