Spring Treats at Magnolia Bakery

What do you do when you see a spread like the one above? You just dive right in. The kids and I went to a Spring Preview at Magnolia Bakery a few days ago and it was such a treat literally.  On display were Passover treats, Easter treats and Mother’s Day Cupcakes (wow… it is almost here! This year I am hoping for a picture of my kids and I with a message from my hubby on it  about how he thinks of me as a mother..).  I digress, back to Magnolia. First of all I love the decor of that place. I don’t think I can live in that decor but for a few minutes it is nice to be transported back in time, the vintage time.

My favorite things from their menu were:

  • Easter Egg Brownie Bites – Decorated with pastel vanilla buttercream. I love how cute those little brownie eggs looked.
  • 3 Layer 6” Pastel Cakes – Classic vanilla and chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate pastel hued buttercream. Doesn’t this cake look absolutely divine?
  • Matzo Crunch – Layers of Matzo cracker, Magnolia handmade buttercrunch candy, chocolate, white chocolate and toffee pieces.
  • Single Layer Flourless Chocolate Cake (also available as cupcakes!) – A dense, rich chocolate cake made without flour.

They have lots of  special treats for the upcoming holidays — check out their website for more details.

The kids on the other hand, liked everything they could get their hands on.  I believe in healthy, but  I also believe in moderation. After sampling all the treats we were done and haven’t had sweets since ;). How did the day end for us?  Like this – high on sugar?



Nah.. this was the excitement on being out on a wonderful spring day, excitement to see mommy after a long day on the other end, the excitement to go try and taste new things at Magnolia.

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