Strawberries are healthy & a recipe

Strawberries are one of the healthiest, nutrient-dense fruits around. We love the strawberry in our home. Living in Los Angeles certainly makes it easy to have the freshest batch of strawberries in our refrigerator every week year round. Here are the different ways we eat them:

Kids love strawberries! When my kids were younger they used to call them a ‘strawbee’ but now they can say the whole word (they are growing up too fast :() . I am glad that my kids get to eat Strawberries year round because I only started eating strawberries as an adult. There were no strawberries where I grew up. I tend to buy organic strawberries, as conventional strawberries tend to be on the list of high pesticide residue produce.

I was invited to an event by California Strawberry Commission to learn more about strawberries. There were lots of yummy strawberry focused recipes at the event.

My favorite had to be the Strawberry Gazpacho, I think I had almost 4 servings of it.

Strawberry Gazpacho recipe can be found here.

This vase with strawberries is gorgeous!

I got to take one of these one with me and my dining table looked beautiful for a week.

During the event I learnt more about the nutritional benefits of Strawberries. I am already a fan of strawberries so I was extra pleased to learned about the additional nuturtion information.

Guess what a rose and a strawberry have in common?  Believe it or not they are from the same family. Strawberries are part of the rose family. Each strawberry has 200 seeds on the outside.

During the event, I heard one of the Strawberries growers speak about farming practices etc. I love hearing from farmers. Farming is a hard life and farmers do incredible work to get food to our tables. Farmer Hector talked about how farmers are trying to reduce the use of pesticide for conventional strawberries. He mentioned that one technique to use is to plant colorful flowers next to the strawberries so the bugs go there instead. This certainly made me change my opinion about conventional strawberries, although I think I will continue to buy organic for now.

Other fun facts about strawberries:

  • Take note here’s a new meaning for WTF – Where’s the fiber? There are 3 gms of fiber in a cup of strawberry. It has a lot of soluble fiber. Fiber is essential as it helps the kid stay regulated and not get constipated.
  • 1 cup of strawberry is 1 serving of strawberry. That’s a lot of strawberry. When I was pregnant with my kids and had gestational diabetes and I was put on a controlled diet, I used to eat strawberries, as 1 serving of strawberries was a lot of food.
  • Strawberries are brain food! They work well on the brain. They help with neurons and with cognitive ability and improve the ability to recall information. A great thing to consume prior to a big test, don’t you think?
  • Antioxidants are absorbed within an hour of consuming strawberries
  • A source of potassium which benefits blood pressure
  • Great for diabetes: Lowest sugar containing fruits with only 8 gms of sugar per cup.
  • Incredible source of vitamin C . ! serving of strawberries supply 160% of Dv. More than an orange.

So my take – Make strawberries a part of your regular diet. They are good for you and they taste great.

How do you like to eat Strawberries?

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