Summer Tasting at Magnolia Bakery

I think Magnolia has tweaked their recipes  to suit the LA palate. Or atleast it felt that way in my last tasting of their summer offerings. Their cupcakes are so light and fluffy, just how the LA folks prefer their cupcakes. The frosting also felt a tad less sweeter. So the net result was a delicious tasting at Magnolia that my family and I were in treat for.

We tasted their July offerings — Red Velvet Cupcake, Blueberry Jamboree,  Blueberry Cheesecake and a Chocolate muffin. Everything was incredibly delicious. The Red Velvet cupcake is perfect. It was light and the icing wasn’t as sweet. I found myself eating bite after bite after bite of the Red Velvet Cupcake, while the kids were busy tasting and chowing down everything in front of them.

My newest discovery?  The Hummingbird Cake — absolutely incredible. YUM! It is a southern cake with bananas, pineapples and pecans and sweet cream cheese icing. You must try this.


Did you know it takes an employee about 40 hours to learn the Magnolia swirl – the icing on the cupcake?

Here’s my 5 year old daughter’s learning how to do the swirl:


Going to Magnolia bakery always takes me back in time. A few minutes in there, I feel relaxed.  The oversized ceiling fans, the vintage appliances and the 50s retro look remind me of the time when lift wasn’t as hectic. What’s your favorite thing to eat at Magnolia?

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