Sweet Potato Hash Brown

We are fans of Sweet Potato in our household. Whether it is sweet potato fries, or sweet potato meat balls or purees with sweet potatoes for the baby. We love it all!
What’s not to love about them? Sweet potatoes have more calcium, vitamin C and anti-oxidant-rich beta-carotene than white potatoes. In fact, a serving of sweet potato fries has over a day’s worth of Vitamin A. Sweet potatoes also have a lower glycemic index when compared to potatoes, so the sugar level does not rise as quickly in your body with sweet potato French fries as it does with potato French fries, making sweet potato “ good complex carbs”.

I was trying to figure out what side dish to make with fried eggs for breakfast when my eyes fell on our sweet potato stash and right then I knew we were going to eat Sweet Potato Hash browns! They are so simple and easy to make. They were downright delicious.


2 sweet potatoes
½ medium sized red onion
¼ tsp grated ginger
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp cut Cilantro leaves for garnish (optional)


1) Dice the red onion and sweet potatoes
2) Heat a frying pan on medium heat and add olive oil.
3) Add the onions and fry till they are translucent. This should take about 2-3 minutes.
4) Add the diced sweet potato and fry them.
5) Add the grated ginger and sauté until the potatoes are cooked. This should take about 10 minutes. You can add a little water about ¼ cup to the frying pan to help speed the cooking or you can cover the frying pan with the lid to let the sweet potatoes cook.
6) Season with salt and add garnish with cilantro.

Serve with eggs or pancakes! So yummy! I think we may make them again! This recipe is a hit with everyone in the house whether they are 1 year old or 100 years old!

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