Takeaways for my kids from the TEDxOC Event

I find stories of successful accomplished people very inspiring. I believe it takes great courage to chart your own path and to try to make a difference in the world, as most of the TEDx speakers have done. I love TEDx events, because I have come across people who are doing the most amazing things with their lives, whether it is building a wheel chair for developing countries using plastic chairs that can be assembled in 8 minutes or a new cancer treatment that has cured paralyzed lives. Listening to great ideas is inspiring. I listen, I absorb and I take away things that I can bring into my kids lives.

Here are a few things I took away from the talks I heard at TEDx OC event last week. These are wonderful quotes that I will bring into our conversations with them.

Jackie Emerson – “It is important for everyone to hold onto his or her inner child”.

So true! I think having children brings out our inner children. I am a child with my kids. We do goofy stuff – make funny faces in the mirror or dance and sing in the car!

Nadeem Kassam – “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

My advice to my kids is that you will need to listen to your hearts also in addition to your mind.

Mike Kenyon – “Go out and make a difference. Someone out there needs you to find them”.

Nigel Nesbit (on math) – “Kids need to be doing the work. Doing the work will create the love of learning. That’s what changes the attitude”.

I concur! Practice makes perfect. In our home we do math drills daily even my almost 3 year old is involved. He plays with the Abacus or we do addition games where I give him the answer and he finds the answer on a number chart. I include math in our daily lives. When we go shopping, my kids often pay, they try to figure out what is owed and how much change they should get.

Hsing Wei – “What will you make today (teach the kids the joy of making)?”

I hope that my kids will become curious and inquisitive adults. I hope that they grow up wanting to know where things come from, and how things are made. As a parent my job is to give them the environment to try things out, to make things, to create things. I give my kids free reign in the kitchen(within limits!) or with science experiments or with their arts and crafts projects. When they make a mess, I am (mostly) happy because that means that they experimented and tried to do new things.

Kal Raustiala – “Copying fuels creativity (at least in the fashion industry). Be shameless with great ideas”

My advise to my kids – take great ideas! Use them, borrow them, and improve on them.

Ivan R Schwab – “there is no box to think out of.”



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