Taking stock of your family’s eating habits

No I haven’t stopped blogging, I know it’s been a week since I have posted. Every day I have attempted to type a post but my fingers don’t move. It’s not for the lack of content; I think I have about a 20-30 blog post backlog at the moment.  I have been reflecting on my professional life contemplating my next steps and it hit me that I needed to really look at every aspect of my life – personal, personal health, family health, professional aspirations. Normally my husband and I do our family goals every year but we have never looked at our eating habits and the health of our family.

So for the last one week, we have kept a journal as a family keeping track of what we have eaten so we can see what changes need to be made to eat healthy.

Here are a few things that our journal said:

–          Other than unsweetened chocolates we don’t have too many processed food items at home.

–          We need to cut back on our carbs, maybe it’s time to revisit the USDA food plate to get the portions right.

–          We eat a healthy freshly made breakfast every day.

–          We do not drink juice or other carbonated beverages – kids pretty much drink water or milk, while the adults stick to sparkling water ,water, or wine.

Have you taken stock of your family’s eating habits? Try it and see what modifications you can make to eat healthier.

Here’s are the few steps to get your started on keeping track of your family’s health

1)      Find a notebook and use that to track eating habits for every family member. Document what was eaten, when it was eaten, and how much of it was eaten.

2)      Similar to the food that’s being tracked, track the daily beverage intake for every single member of the family.

3)      Do this exercise during a “normal” week for your family. i.e. no birthday celebrations or family visiting etc..so this way you get an accurate picture of what’s consumed.

4)      Do this for a week and then go back to read your journal to see the good and the bad trends. Is there something you all do well – i.e. eat fruits with every meal? Or something that you need to improve – i.e. eat breakfast every day? Are you consuming a lot of a specific fruit or vegetable that is high in pesticide?

5)      Make a list of 2-3 things that you can change and implement that change within the family. For example if you are consuming a fruit or vegetable that is high in pesticide then perhaps you either buy that organic or you grow it.

6)      Remember it’s all about the small changes!

Most importantly, it’s about knowing what you are eating!


  1. I love this idea. Everyone should do it!

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