Teaching Kids Eco Shopping – Wonderful Exhibit at the Discovery Science Museum



Forgive me for the lag in posting a new post. I had lost my cooking motivation for a few days but I found my mojo back. In my next post I am going to share what I did to get cranking in the kitchen again.

Today I am going to post about our recent experience at Eco Shopping Interactive Exhibit at the Discovery Museum in Santa Ana, CA.

1)   You walk into this fairly spacious grocery store exhibit where you pick your shopping cart, select your shopping list and go shopping. While shopping there are hints and tips on how to be eco. All the kids in the exhibit were having fun going crazy with their scanners.

2)   For each item in the list, you will be given different choices – i.e. fresh local tomatoes, tomatoes in packaging or canned tomatoes and you have to select what you think is the best and eco friendly option. The tomatoes were easy but different types of packaging for the chips packets even got me.

3)   Once your shopping list is complete, you check out and if you score enough points by picking the right grocery item – your picture makes it to the hall of fame.


This exhibit was bustling. Kids were everywhere, pushing their shopping carts and scanning food items into their virtual shopping cart. What a fun educational experience!  Did you know this?


A few things I walked away with:

1)   Kids love love love to go grocery shopping and grocery stores are great educational experiences. Although it is much easier (and faster!) to go grocery shopping without the kids, taking them makes them see all the different food items. This past weekend we were at a Turkish grocery store and although it was much easier to leave 2 semi tired and cranky kids in the car with hubby while I ran in. I am glad that I took them inside, because we discovered fresh green almonds, pickled turnips and sour plums. In the future, I may actually give my kids a mini grocery list that they are responsible for at the store i.e one gets all the dairy items, or gets bread etc.

2)   Let your child pick one new item to try from the grocery store/farmer’s market. Every time I go grocery shopping with the kids, they both know that each of them is allowed to pick 1 item they either find interesting or like to eat. Most of the times I let them keep their pick in the cart unless of course my 2 year old has picked doggie biscuits or similar.

3)   It’s not enough to just education the kids about food and healthy eating, Packaging and how to buy food should also be part of the education process so they realize how their choices impact the earth.



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