Time for baby food diet?

It’s strange that just today a friend mentioned that the latest fad in my lovely la la land (Los Angeles, California)  is the “Baby food diet”.  It is a diet where adults are eating baby food from a jar several times a day.  I have tried a few baby food jars and most of them tasted pretty yucky for my adult taste buds.

My response to her was why eat jars?  Why not just make the baby food yourself. It is even more nutritious and better for health and weight loss than the market products.

Here is a quick and simple recipe for fans of the Baby Food Diet:

Take a bunch of baby carrots, steam it for about 5 minutes, mash it and eat it! How simple, nutritious and yummy!

Of course, the EXACT same recipe makes yummy baby food for kids.

So, today at dinner I saw my 4.5 month old watching me and starting to drool while watching me chow down. Uh oh!  That means it’s time for baby food. I have to start thinking about how to introduce food to him, what sort of a baby food diet to follow, and what baby food to feed him first?

So check back for more baby food recipes……


  1. I’ve heard about this trend! Hilarious!! I’ll have to try your “recipe”.. maybe take off a few lbs. :)

  2. Rashmi says:

    Let me know how the weight loss goes 😉

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