Trail Mix Made to Taste

I did a Trail Mix Made to Order school project at my daughter’s preschool and ALL the kids really loved it. They loved the idea of picking and choosing the ingredients they wanted in their mini packet.

I have been thinking about other recipes using Kix. Kix has been around for almost 70 years but the “new Kix” is a healthy cereal with very low sugar (3g per serving). This trail mix recipe is so quick that you can put it together in less than a minute. I love the concept of a trail mix. This is a fun exercise for kids to do and gets them involved in the kitchen as it gives the kids control over the quantity of the ingredients. You get the control over what they can put in the trail mix. A perfect win-win situation!  When I did this project at my daughter’s preschool, the kids loved it because they learnt how easy it is to make a quick snack for themselves using dried fruits, nuts, crackers, and cereal.  This is a fun activity to do with your kids at home, at play dates, packing school lunches, and of course school projects.

The kids got to make their trail mix using the following ingredients:

Kix Cereal

Carrot chips

Auntie Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies


Sunflower Seeds

Each kid got their own sandwich plastic bag and they went around the table picking how much and which ingredients they wanted.

The Kids loved it! You know the kids love it if they are sitting quietly eating and are not running around on the playground. You know the kids love it if they insist on sharing it with their mommy and want to eat it for lunch also. You know the kids love it when a few of them cried when the plastic bags ripped open and they wanted to make another trail mix, but sadly, we were out of bags. You know the kids love it when you remember a few of them say, “I like this!”.

I did a review of Kix a few days ago and also a fantastic product review of Kid that’s worth checking out.

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