Video: Teaching kids how to use a lemon/lime juicer

I keep telling myself to let the kids play in the kitchen and that someday I will reap the benefit aka they will either start making food for themselves or better yet surprise me with home cooked food. Well, they are starting to make their own milk in the mornings – getting it out of the refrigerator, pouring it into a cup, taking it to microwave and heating it. I guess that’s a big step.

On any given day, my kids live in the kitchen, when I am cooking the little one is playing with the contents of my bowl drawer, while my 4.5 year old is observing me looking for opportunities to take over!

They are eager to learn about the kitchen tools and I am happy to teach. Here’s a video of my 4.5 year old learning how a lemon/lime juicer works.

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