Virtual farmer’s market: a sign of things to come?

virtual farmers market

The whole world is slowly going digital, but you still have to feed yourself in real-time. Until
that potato makes its way through the Internet wire, you will have to schlep down to the grocery
store and buy your fruit & veg.

But what do you have at that grocery store? Mounds and mounds of anonymous produce. You
don’t know who grew it, when it was picked, where it came from or anything about it. All you know is that it’s brown or red or green and costs $1.49 a pound.

That is one big reason people to go farmer’s markets, especially in LA: to meet and buy directly
from the producer. You want to know where it was grown, how many miles it has been shipped, how organic it is, you just want to luxuriate in an natural atmosphere that is not antiseptic and hospital-like as the supermarket.

And now farmer’s markets are going virtual. This great new application lets farmers create an appealing online presence, so that they can share information with you in an easy to use and friendly manner. Once you are done, all you have to do is go pick up the food.

I can imagine a future, not too far off, where the entire decision to purchase is conducted online, and you just
go to the local store to do the actual pickup. Maybe it won’t even be a store, but a giant vending machine. You step up, swipe your ID, hold a bag (recyclable) under an opening, and the produce tumbles out. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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