Watermelon Limeade Frozen Pop (Zoku)

Oh Summer is here! The days are long and the kids are free!  Summer in our home means we can eat ice cream every day if we want. Summer in our home means the kids are free to take a break from their regular year round classes. Summer in our home means going through a list of things/experiences we want to have as a family this year. Some of the items on our list are going to this chocolate exhibition, opening a bank account for my almost 4 year old so she can start learning about finances, going for hikes that end at a lake so we can have a picnic there, eating dinner out on our patio with our makeshift dining table, teaching my kid to fly a kite, and going to lots and lots of concerts.

Summer also means – lots of frozen pops, fruits, and bbq.

Here’s a Zoku Pop we made to inaugurate summer in our home (I know we are a few weeks late!). It was yummy! My friend Chef Louise  from Satisfied made a similar version of it at a camping retreat we were at. I was hooked from the time I first tasted it. Here’s my take on her recipe:

2 cups cut watermelon

1 lime

Zest of 3/4 lime

1.5 tbsp. sugar or sweetener

1) Zest ¾ of the lime using a zester. I use this microplane one and I love it. One of the most useful tools in my kitchen.

2) Blend the watermelon in a blender.

3) Add the lime zest to the watermelon juice.

4) Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice. Add it to the Watermelon lime zest mixture.

5) Add sugar. Adjust quantity based on your taste.

6) Fill the Zoku with the mixture till the fill line.

7) Wait for about 5 minutes till the Zoku is frozen.

8) Serve! Enjoy!

Alternatively – you can pour the mixture into pop molds. Freeze for 4 hours and then enjoy these pops!

What’s on your summer to-do list?


  1. I need to make some frozen pops this summer. I wish I had the Zoku thing. I love watermelon so I’m sure this is fantastic.

  2. amee says:

    Yummy! I didn’t even make the connection about the campbloggaway thing until you mentioned it. I like your list. We have a few projects on the list too. The big one is to finish furnishing the house. we still need to fill one empty room!

  3. Rashmi says:

    Get the Zoku thing if you can. It is loads of fun with little kids. They love making their own pops. Or else you can always use this recipe on the pop molds and you can get the pops to be in any shape you want.

  4. Rashmi says:

    I love decorating rooms and homes. It is so much fun. Its like a blank canvas and you get to paint it any way you want. Check out the latest Real Simple Magazine they have a great article on how to use colors together in a room to get the maximum bang.

  5. deana says:

    Love this!!! Just made them – delicious!!! Gotta love the zoku!

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