Weeknight Meal Planning from CookingLight

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I am a big fan of planning my weekly menu. By Saturday morning, I have a rough idea of what my family will be eating the following week for breakfast, school lunches and dinner. I gain the benefits by planning our meals:

  1. Save money at the grocery store as you buy only the produce needed for the following week.
  2. Save time in the kitchen, as I am not wondering what to make.

 I was at CookingLight.com reading their 16 restaurant meals makeover article and noticed that they have a weekly dinner menu planning section. I was intrigued, I played with it.  It was so easy and simple to create your personal menu that I want to share this tool with you.

Here are 3 quick steps to get your weekly dinner menu:

1)   Go to the weekly meals section.

2)   Drag and drop recipes that you want to eat during the week. You can select recipes from different categories – vegetarian, 5 ingredients, quick and easy, and low cal. You also have the eating out and left over option in menu planning.

3)   Once finished, click print. All your recipes for the week will be printed.

The only limitation this functionality currently has is that it offers limited recipes. I suspect it is only a matter of time before we will have lots of recipes to choose from.

Happy Meal Planning!

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