Welcome Magnolia Bakery to Los Angeles!

Eating healthy has its rewards-you can definitely justify an indulgence once in a while.

Of course, the indulgence has to live up your expectations! I don’t like pigging out with a tub of ice cream or going through a whole bag of potato chips and definitely don’t encourage that for my kids.

I was recently introduced to a really nice bakery that has a lot of delicious treats. It’s called Magnolia Bakery. They had an event yesterday for the Los Angeles based food bloggers where we had a tasting of all their goodies. Boy where they delicious!  Magnolia Bakery is originally from NYC but has recently opened a branch in Los Angeles. A lot of bakeries are glorified toaster ovens-they get the mix and the flavoring by the sackful and everything comes out tasting mediocre and factory-ish. But not Magnolia Bakery. They make everything on site. You can see the old-fashioned mixers and the ovens right there, in front of you. The decor is very peaceful, and the prices are almost old-fashioned, only $3 gets you a good-sized pastry.

I tried out several dishes and my favorite was the ‘Icebox’, which I think I have been waiting for all my life. If Ginger Rogers was an Oreo cookie and Fred Astaire was ice cream, then they would be an ‘Icebox’. It is a simply fantastic combination of Oreo cookies and cream. I plan on recreating a healthier version of this recipe for you because you and your kids will love it! Everyone who tasted it at the event talked about how light and simple and delicious it was.

Icebox Cake

I also tried (I had bites of!) the lemon meringue pie, the red velvet cheesecake, and the pumpkin cheesecake. They were all delicious. After the ‘icebox’, my next favorite dessert there was their banana pudding. A yummy concoction of fresh banana, vanilla pudding, and vanilla wafers that Magnolia Bakery is famous for.

So as you feed your kids healthy food, and eat healthy yourself, make sure you give yourself an occasional indulgence.

Magnolia’s Bakery is a good place for it.

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