What do I need to make homemade baby food?

Are you ready to introduce solid foods to your children?  Need some guidance on what equipment you need?  First of all – you don’t need any fancy gadgets, most of the solid foods can be prepared using a simple steamer, a new small pot, and a small food processor.

Here’s a list of recommended tools for introducing solid food to your baby:

1)        A regular pot with a steamer tray or a rice cooker that has a steamer insert.

2)      A small food processor to puree the food.  We used a $10 dollar one from Target and it worked great for what we needed it to do.

3)      Ice cube trays to freeze extra food.


1)       A pressure cooker is optional but it is a very useful tool as you can cook lentils, beans and veggies in less than 5 minutes.

2)      Hand Immersion blender – only if you don’t have a food processor that you can use.

3)      Food mill – not needed unless you already have it.

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