What is your child eating at preschool?

Earlier this week I wrote a post on how most preschools around the country are not offering enough fruits and veggies into a toddler’s lunch box.  I looked at the lunch menu offered by one of the most sought after preschools in the Los Angeles area that I recently toured  and after looking at it  closely I realized that they are offering veggies and fruits only once a week.  Although buying lunch is optional at this school, I do expect more from one of LA private  preschools that has been around for more than 70 years.

Not only is their lunch menu devoid of adequate fruits and veggies they are also not offering enough options to promote a healthy and a varied diet.  Their menu consists mostly of toddler stable food items such as pizza, baked chicken, and quesadillas.  What about incorporating other items such as more lentils, more dairy, Pita, Couscous, vegetable lasagna etc..?  Most people would agree that children tend to eat well or do things when they are under peer pressure so preschools should use this opportunity to get kids to eat a varied diet.

As parents it is also our responsibility to speak up and get preschools to offer the healthy and varied options.  Providing organic food just isn’t enough.  What do you think?  Do you agree with this?

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