What is your DREAM for your child?

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Have you heard of Upromise?  If you don’t already have an account with them make sure to sign up with them. It is a great way to accumulate $$ for your kid’s college education while doing your online shopping (as long as Upromise is partners with the vendor).

 I have been a Upromise user for a few years and I love the fact that through my online shopping I have accumulated over $2000 for my kid’s college tuition. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot given that college tuition is like a zillion dollars but every bit helps, especially since I don’t really have to do anything extra to get this money.  Okay, maybe just one click on the offer when I go to their partner merchants. Since I have become a parent, I do most of my shopping online – diapers  – check, kid clothes – check, presents for birthday parties – check, photos /scrap books – check. The only thing that I will not do online is buy groceries. I need to go to my Famer’s Market on a weekly basis to get my fix.

So, I was excited to learn that for its 10th anniversary Upromise is running a Dream Wall contest where parents can submit their dreams for their kids and vote on their favorite stores. At the end of the content there will be 11 lucky and happy people. 10 lucky people will be awarded $1000, while the grand prize winner will get $10,000. Not a bad way to get some college money for the kids!

So, I encourage you to go to their Dream Wall and post your dream. I posted mine and here’s my dream for my child:

“I want my 4 year old to be happy with her life and the choices she makes. I want her to pick a profession that gives her stability. I want her to find a guy that will take care of her, treat her well and make her happy. I want her to follow her dreams and I want to do whatever I can to help her achieve her dreams. My dream is for her to look back on her childhood and say that it was full of fun and laughter.”

What is your dream for your child?  Go share on www.upromisetodream.com

For more details go to the contest  – dream wall official rules   

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