What to do with Halloween Candy

Wondering what to do with the Halloween candy your kids will gather this week?  Wondering what to offer to the trick or treaters that appear on your door this week?  Check out this fun flowchart discussing the Halloween Candy puzzle.

As the flowchart shows, if you do decide to consume all the candy gathered, do review the CookingLights.com’s The Great Halloween Candy Comparison List to eat some of the healthier options. Top on the list is: Rolo Caramels in Milk chocolate with 3.7 gms sugar. The bottom of the list is Sugar Babies with 15 gms of sugar. As a point of reference – 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4.2 gms of sugar.

A few other popular candy on CookingLight.com’s list:

  •  Hershey’s Nuggets Dark Chocolate with Almond – 4 gms sugar
  • Tootsie Roll – 10 gms of Sugar
  • Nerds – 12 grams of added sugar

You can download The Halloween Candy flowchart here.

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