What to pack for lunch for your preschooler or early primary (Grades 1-3) child?

In 6 weeks, many children will be taking their first steps towards learning and spending more time away from home. Several kids are now in the transition classes to help them be ready for school in Fall. Here are some ways to pack a great lunch/snack for your preschooler to school.

The thing to focus on is to have a balance. Have protein, carb, fruit, vegetable in the box:

1)      Pack rice pilafs, cherry tomatoes, olives, sliced cucumbers, edamame, tortilla wraps, quesadillas, stuffed puff pastry (very simple and very delicious), grilled cheese sandwiches with veggies and nuts (if your child isn’t allergic to them) .

2)      Avoid sending meat if the lunch is going to be sitting out for a long time. Unless you can keep the lunch cool. One easy way to keep the lunch cool is put freeze the beverage container and put that in the lunch. It keeps everything cool.

3)      Include something crunchy in the meal as kids just love crunch. So veggie straws, oyster crackers or crackers of some sort. It always amazes me how crunchy food is like gold currency at preschools. I have seen kids flock to the kid that has goldfish crackers and they barter their food for a cracker or two. It always cracks me up.

4)      Either a fruit salad or fresh cut fruits. If I send things such as mandarins etc. I always pack extra so my daughter can share with other kids.

5)      Occasionally, I will send some cookies and I will send a few extra so she can share with her friends.

I use the bento lunch boxes so when the food is all put together. It always looks so pretty!

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