When buying soy burgers go for organic

Soy Veggie Burger

Soy Veggie Burger

If you are vegetarian you often think you are being healthy eating soy burgers and veggie burgers.  This is probably good for the environment but not so good for your body or your child’s body. It turns out they the Soy industry uses hexane, a petroleum based neurotoxin, to keep the burgers as low fat as possible. Hexane is used to separate soybeans into soy oil, protein and fiber. Most non-organic veggie burgers contain hexane, it’s a small amount but it is still used.  The ironic thing is that hexane is used to separate the good soya bean fat!

So what brands contain hexane?

Amy’s Kitchen, Boca Burger, Garden Burger, Morningstar Farms.

Are there brands that do not have hexane?

Both Boca Burger and Morningstar Farms also have burger products that are made with organic soy. Tofurky, Wildwood. So make sure to read the labels.

Would you eat hexane regardless of the amount? Or feed your children hexane?  NO!  So be careful before buying soy veggie burgers.

So what are your alternatives?

1)   100% organic products. Not products containing 100% organic ingredients.  Having worked in the food industry for a while now, you really need to be 100% everything in order to be 100% organic certified so this probably your best bet.

2)   Edamame beans – even though they are soy, these beans have the highest amount of protein (28 grams per cup) when compared to any other beans. Lots and lots of different ways to make them.  Use them as an appetizer or as a side dish for dinner.

3)   Paneer – Indian cottage cheese.  So easy and simple to prepare.  Boil milk and use lime to curdle it. The solids are milk protein and you get about 7gms of protein per serving.

4)   Make your own veggie burgers and freeze them.

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