When did we first eat this?

It’s Friday today!  The weekend is about to start and as parents this means more time with the kids and the family (yay!).  So here’s something fun and lighthearted – ever wonder when did man first start to eat onions, olives, lentils, coke, tempura, sweet potatoes, soda water, tofu – you name it?  Here’s a fun website, based on scholarly research, that lists the timeline of when certain food was introduced to man and various recipes on how the food item was made during that period and how it has since evolved.

It turn out that my favorite dessert Tiramasu (Yum!) was believed to have been created in the late 20th century. After further research it turns out that this desert was based on Victorian-era moulded creams which were based on Colonial-era tipsy cakes which were inspired by Renaissance-era trifles. Wow, now that’s some history!  Now every time I will eat Tiramisu, I will somehow feel connected to history.

I think we can use the information from this site and educate our kids on food history. Check it out – Food Timeline.

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