When toddlers won’t eat

fussy eaters

Simone’s food menu for yesterday:

1 Zucchini and onion cheese quesadilla, ½ cup strawberries,  1 blood orange, ½ cup sesame asparagus, ¾ cup lentils with spinach with rice, 3 lamb balls, yogurt, 20 oz of milk, 1 cookie

Simone’s menu for today:

½ plain croissant, ½ cup grapes, 1 bottle pediasure, 20 oz of milk, 1 wheat roti (Indian bread), strawberries

Amazing… the difference in 1 day.  Yesterday she tried my new recipe of Asparagus with toasted sesame seeds and zucchini etc. and today she refused to eat anything no matter what I served. She kept making a face and saying that she is tired.

It gets really frustrating especially when you make an effort in making something new and interesting.  So what do you do?

Here’s what I do whenever I am faced with this situation with her:

1)       Not worry about it. It used to get me really worked up before but now I take it in stride.  She never ate lentils with spinach before and now she loves it. So I try to be patient and gave a break and serve the dish a few days or weeks later.

2)      What do you like? I talk to her about the dish and see what she likes about it or doesn’t like about it.  Sometime it could be as simple as I don’t like the skin.  She used to really dislike apples for a while and I didn’t understand why. Then one day I asked why not and she said, “I don’t like skin”. That’s all it took for her to eat apples.  Now every time she’s served apples we remove the skin. We also do the same for cucumbers.

3)        Must eat everything once atleast.  In our house the rule is, “you must take one bite of everything, even if you don’t like it”.  She takes a bite and if she doesn’t like it, then she is welcome, “no thank you mummy”.  The interesting thing is that this rule is making me change my eating habits.  My entire life, I have never had a bite of cauliflower or broccoli. Not really sure why, I think it has something to do with the way the veggies look.  But with this rule, I am now going to start taking a bite of cauliflower and broccoli. My dad will be super surprised when he sees me eating cauliflower. My parents gave up on trying to get me to eat cauliflower as a child.

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