Where does your milk come from?

A new website that helps you track your milkAre you curious to know where your milk or dairy product comes from?  All those codes on the milk bottle actually do have a meaning besides the expiration date and the best use of date.  It turns out you can track exactly which state and which dairy farm produced your milk.  This website, whereismymilkfrom.com turns that code into information that you the consumer can understand.  It is not limited just to milk, you can also see where your ice-cream, cottage cheese etc. came from.

The surprising fact the same dairy farm can provide milk to different brands.  How can this benefit us as end consumers?  Check it out, I tried it on our milk, which I bought in Southern California, and it turns out our milk came from Arkansas! That’s over 2000 miles away! So much for being locavores.

So if you want to buy what’s local, you can use this tool to help you identify which milk is local.

Also since the same plant bottles the milk for different brands, two different brands with the same milk can be priced differently. You can use this to go for the cheaper price for the same milk quality.

Now if only you can track from which cow the milk came from and what the cow ate and if it had illness etc..?  Now that’s wishful thinking.

For my 10 week old, the answer is simple — his milk comes from his mummy!

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