Where have you been Agave Nectar?

agave_nectarI have recently become a fan of Agave Nectar and have started using it more and more in my cooking and I really like the product.  In addition to Agave nectar being a natural product when compared to the processed sugar, I like the fact that it is also low glycemic index and has a low glycemic load. The low glycemic index makes it a very attractive product for people with diabetes.  1 teaspoon of Agave Nectar is a free food.

Glycemic Index Value
Organic Agave Nectar 27
Honey 83
Sucrose (sugar) 92
Glucose 137
Note: The lower the number the better the product is as it has less of an impact on the body’s sugar.

Agave nectar comes from the same plant that tequila comes from (yum!)  and it is sweeter than sugar (some reports say 1.4x times) so you consume less of it when substituting for sugar.  Furthermore, it tastes just like sugar. There are different grades of the nectar so you need to know which one to get.  The lighter grades enhance the flavor of the food they are put in, while the darker grades provide the flavor of agave in varying intensity.

Every store is slowly starting to carry some form of Agave Nectar but I bought ours from Costco. I paid $8 I believe for 2 organic Agave Nectar bottles.

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