Yumkid’s Favorite Finds on the Web 03.18.12

Every Friday (okay.. its Sunday for this week) I take my favorite things from the web, for you to enjoy.

1)      Is Pink Slime in minced meat the only thing you need to worry about?

Pink slime has been a hot topic lately.  Folks have been really upset on how burger meat containing pink slime is bought for the national school lunch program. Pink Slime, in case you haven’t heard, is a mix of fat trimmings and ammonia-hydroxide that is added to ground beef to make it cheaper. What makes this even worse is that 70% of the ground beef in America has it. In addition to Pink Slime, there is so much other garbage that goes into the patties (head cheese etc.) do we really want our kids to be eating all these potential risky meat? What I don’t understand is why can’t these schools make their own patties from whole meat pieces.  I think it is time that cafeteria’s across the country start making their own food aka.. how it is done in France.

Till that happens, for now the schools have an option on the type of meat they can buy.

2) Frieda’s March Madness Promo – It’s March Madness and Frieda’s is holding an awesome Facebook promo called Hoops & Scoops. You can enter to win one of four Frieda’s Final Four Prize Packs that include our salsa, guacamole, Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks, and other fun things.For more information, like their Facebook Page. 




3)  HighScoreHouse.com –  Check out this new website for turning household chores into a game. A great way to assign responsibilities to kids and turn it into a game. It is a free and and they are in beta. Do check them out.







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