Yumkid’s Favorite Finds on the Web 02.19.12

Every Friday (okay.. its Sunday for this week) I take my favorite things from the web, for you to enjoy.

Bringing up Bebe:  Have you heard of this book? This book by American journalist Pamela Druckerman is creating quite a stir. She chronicles  how the French raise their bebes and tackle common parenting issues such as day care, feeding and sleep training. Although I am only halfway through this book at the moment, my favorite part is the Goûter.  Goûter is at 4:30pm right after school and is a very disciplined affair, because this is the only snack that French kids get to eat during the day.  Usually Goûter is homemade cakes or crepes or something absolutely delicious.  Related to the Goûter is the weekly baking time ritual the kids have with their mamas where they make something delicious for the Goûter. I strongly believe that cooking and baking with kids is one of the best things you can do with kids. Not only are the kids learning essential life skills but they are also learning maths, and patience. I hope to start a weekly baking session with my kids soon.

The book’s available in your local bookstore or you can buy it here – Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting (disclosure: if you buy from this link, I will get a tiny payout)

 (photo – amazon.com)

Linsanely Tall – By now I think every person on this globe must have heard about the tall smart Chinese guy, Jeremy Lin,  who can also play some kickass basketball. When I first saw him play on TV, my first reaction was how on earth is this guy so tall considering the average Chinese size and height. Well turns out it’s all because of his mother and what she ate – read more here.

(photo source: usmagazine.com)



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