Yumkid’s Favorite Finds on the Web 10.14.11

Another week just flew by, I have idea where time goes between work and driving the kids around. One of the things that really surprise me about parenting is the amount of driving one has to do. Here is my list of favorite things from the web. Every Friday I take my favorite things from the web, for you to enjoy.

I love this picture that Santa Cruz Indigenous Solidarity posted on their FB page.

Can you name the leaves on the right? I bet almost all of us, including the kids can name all the brands on the left hand side but would have a hard time with the leaves on the right. How many leaves can you recognize?

I am loving these Duralex products from France. These glassware products are BPA free, phthalate and PVC free and are supposedly 2.5X stronger than normal glass. They are also resistant to chipping and high and low temperature. Hoping to have a giveway of their product soon on the website.


Have your heard of the blog fedupwithlunch?  It is a blog written by an elementary school teach (I am hoping she is still working there) where she anonymously documented her experience eating school lunches every day for a year. Her identity was revealed when her book got published. Check it out!

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