Yumkid’s Favorite Finds on the Web 11.4.11

Another week just flew by, I cannot believe we are getting closer to the end of this year and Thanksgiving is around the corner! I love Thanksgiving and that is by far my favorite American Tradition/Holiday. I love the idea of a table full of delicious food surrounded by people.  You have any favorite Thanksgiving traditions/rituals?  Every Friday I take my favorite things from the web, for you to enjoy.

The Incidental Economist post on Sugar, and candy, do not make kids hyper

Based on 12 trials on how sugar affects children it turns out that sugar has no impact on children’s hyperactivity. It is all in OUR heads. Yes parents, we believe they are hyper because they had sugar.There’s an association that when kids get a lot of sugar i.e birthday parties, halloween etc.. they are also likely to be a little excited. What do you think?  When I started thinking about it, I for one haven’t seen any difference in my kid’s behavior with or without sugar.

Ms. Food Face Plates  from UncommonGoods:

I have talked about these plates in the past on my blog but I saw them again and I am still digging them. They are so fun. I think this year for sure we will get them as they will make for some wonderful fun meal times for the family.

How breakfast has changed over the years:

Technically this is not from the web but from Food and Drink issue from The New York Times Magazine (October 2, 2011). I love this picture. It is fascinating to me how breakfast has changed over the years. In 1811 breakfast was primarily leftover dinner – fruit pie, stale popcorn in milk (the father of future cereal), picked over carcass. In 1861 – breakfast was the family meal and anything could be breakfast food – trout, broiled ham, eggs, and rice waffles. By 1911 cereal joined the breakfast table along with what are now breakfast staples. In 1961 — Cereal was the meal!!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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