Yumkid’s Favorite Finds on the Web 9.30.11

Every Friday, I am going to take my favorite things from the web and post them here for you to enjoy.

I am loving these lunch box notes from SayPlease.com. What a perfect way to let your kid know that you are thinking of them during the day.

Lunchbox Love (source - sayplease.com)

I love this raincoat by Equilicuá made from potato starch that is fully biodegrable. Such a great alternative to raincoats made from PVC. Once you are done you plant in the ground. Currently only available in Europe and Mediterranean countries because of native seed issues but do expect to see US version of the product using US seeds in the near future.

Spud Raincoat (source: www.equilicua.com)


Love this piece in NY Times on Is junk food really cheaper? Mark Bittman writes about why we crave junk food. Turn out it is addictive and we are addicted to it! It is certainly not any cheaper than making the food at home. According to his calculations – a meal for a family of 4 at McDonald’s will set them back $28. That’s pretty hefty considering that a whole rotisserie chicken can be found for $9 bucks and you can round off the meal with other stuff for a few more dollars. Read his article on why he thinks we like junk food.


  1. amee says:

    I really like this theme, rashmi! please continue! i like those sandwich notes!

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