Zucchini Puree

Today I gave my 6 month old boy, Neel, Zucchini Puree. So simple and easy to make.  I didn’t peel the skin as most of the zucchini nutrients are in the skin. Zucchini is light and easy to digest.    Zucchini is a great source of Vitamin C and Lutein, both of which are good for eyes.  It also contains useful amounts of folate, potassium, and vitamin A, necessary for the human body, especially little humans like my 6 month old son!

I took a whole zucchini cut it into pieces and boiled it for about 5 minutes with a little water. Once the zucchini cooled, I puréed it and served it.

The Verdict: Neel couldn’t figure out whether he liked it or not. This was the first puree where I didn’t use breast milk to puree so I think he was getting used to the taste. He blew a lot of raspberries which was very cute. He didn’t eat as much puree as he had the day before when he had sweet potato. Ah the sweet stuff!  They just love it.  Oh well. I am going to keep giving him the green stuff till he learns to eat it and like it. He better like it, because this mommy is sure not going to feed him junk food!

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  1. FYI, this is a base for a Mexican zucchini soup. When I do the next round of zuch recipes, I’ll make sure to add it. I’m very excited, getting ready to harvest my first zucchini for the season here in Colorado.

  2. Rashmi says:

    Sounds yummy Andrea! Do share any interesting recipes.

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